CSA Member Information Sheet for 2017-18


  • The Fall 2018 CSA season is projected to start on Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018 and will run for 8 weeks for Weekly Shares. Last pick-up will be on Tuesday November 27th 2018. 

  • Shares will consist of at least 5-9 items, such as a head of lettuce, one portion of tomatoes, one bunched kale, portion of cucumbers, herbs, etc., and are subject to seasonal availability.  We do our best each week to give members a full selection with lots of variety but weather and growing conditions will dictate what actually ends up in each tote.

  • All totes are packed for members from the vegetables harvested each week at their peak of ripeness.  Everyone will receive the same variety of vegetables and we cannot customize for each member. 

  • Most produce, fruit and herbs at the farm stand can be purchased by members at a small discounted rate.

  • Be aware that although we wash most of our vegetables at our wash station after harvesting, we do recommend you wash them again before eating.

  • During those times of inclement or dangerous weather conditions making it difficult to harvest crops, we reserve the right to delay share pick up until the weather has cleared up.  Because members will be notified by email and/or Facebook, we do encourage everyone to check their email in the event we do send something out regarding delay, re-scheduling or any other unplanned changes.

  • Our produce is grown using organic growing methods and we therefore do not spray undesirable chemicals; at times, the produce may not be perfect because of this and may have small holes in leaves or insect bites or possibly even a bug or worm.   We try our best to grade out any heavily damaged produce but at times something may get overlooked and slip right past us.

  • There are also other items that are subject to availability to our Members at discounted rates such as Pure Raw Honey and Fresh Eggs. Both are from our Farm.

  • If upon pick up, there is any problem with a member’s produce, please notify us within 24 hours, preferably with an emailed and/or texted photo so we can correct it as soon as possible.  Any bad produce will be replaced ASAP.

  • Members who are not able to pick up their share or who may even forget will still be responsible to have the share picked up by someone else and we do need prior notification of this.  If a member cannot find someone for pick-up by 2 pm on Tuesday, the tote’s contents will be donated to a worthy cause and that week’s share is forfeited.  There will be no Sunday pick-up.

  • If members would like to visit the farm, please note that Tuesdays and Thursday thru Saturday are extremely busy days for us due to harvesting, washing and packing.  Either call or email us to set up a day and time that is convenient for you and us.

  • Because we at times have to disseminate important information via email, we do require an email address for all members.

  • Whatever questions or feedback you as a member may have, we ask that you email or give us a call. We will do our best to get back with you as soon as possible.




EVER-HOPE FARM ~ 2018 Fall CSA Membership Form

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*Our CSA Farm Shares availability is limited. These positions will be filled with the "first come - first served" basis by receipt of deposit payment.

*More pick up options will become available as/when warranted.