Our principal goal is to make local naturally organic grown fresh produce accessible to as many families as possible in our community. By providing the highest-quality nutrient dense produce in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. Ever-Hope Farm has received certification as a Certified Naturally Grown Farm, the first in our surrounding Counties thus far.


Our Vision

We're also a proud member of the "Farmer Veteran Coalition".

We're also a proud member of the "Farmer Veteran Coalition".

We have always grown most of our own produce, as my military career would allow time wise. Of course we would grow and produce way too much; and would share what our God had given us with our neighbors and friends. I've always enjoyed seeing the smiles on their faces after harvesting their bounty and the satisfaction of knowing the quality of the vegetables they were taking home. Now I've drawn near to the end of a life in military service and we are looking forward to our next 20 years of service, the life long calling of doing what brings us the most peace and pleasure, being a full-time farmer. We expanded the amount of land being cultivated to a little over 2 acres. We want to stay smaller and just simply "Grow it Better". Ever-Hope Farm officially began in the Spring of 2016 operating as a U-Pick operation until the Fall of 2017 and has taken the small leap into becoming a Market Gardener type of farm in order to expand on those smiling faces we've grown accustomed to seeing, with the same quality produce, done sustainably. 


“A happy and healthy community is not a fairy-tale. All you need is a quality farmer with quality produce.”

— shaun white


Shaun and Angela have been encouraged by so many along the way and are forever grateful for the support they've received.  Armed with years of growing experience and education, Ever-Hope Farm will also be starting the area's first Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program in the Spring of 2018.  



Our Mission

Our farm is a Registered and Active participant in "Certified Naturally Grown" program.

Our farm is a Registered and Active participant in "Certified Naturally Grown" program.

To provide our communities with high-quality nutritious fresh produce from an environmentally sustainable family farm. Compost, cover crops and organic matter are critical to our soil's fertility, which in turn grows us our nutrient-dense vegetables and fruits which feed you and your family. Honesty, Integrity, Honor, Family, Fun, Community and Innovation are some of our core values. 

We adhere to the National Organic Program's strict standards. We use no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides, and use only plant and mineral-based pest controls.


"We're a Thousand miles Fresher!"


 Our vegetables are grown in season and harvested at their peak so that you receive the healthiest, freshest and most delicious produce available.  Produce is picked right before our CSA pick-ups or attending our Markets, thereby maximizing the flavor and nutritional quality of our vegetables. 

 "We're a Thousand Miles Fresher."  Whether you purchase a CSA share or visit us at our Market Stand, our members and customers will find the freshness, quality and variety of our produce unsurpassed.  We also are known to occasionally grow unique, unusual vegetables for our members and our market customers.

To learn more about our Farm, the Certified Naturally Grown standards or to become a CNG Farmer yourself, the link is provided in our "contact" information.